Science is always based on facts. It is nearly impossible to disapprove science and thus, following scientifically proven methodologies will definitely lead you to success. For example, statistics show that instagram account holders of those who buy instagram followers or buy instagram likes tend to do better in the long run. There are a few definite things that are known to bring more likes on images and more followers. A few of them are discussed below.

  • Link your instagram account to other social media networks

Connecting your instagram account with, say Facebook, should be the first and most obvious thing to do. It is estimated that more than 20 percent of all instagram users are also active on Facebook. Connecting the two accounts makes it easier for your Facebook friends to notice you and probably follow you. You might also consider posting updates that ask your friends to follow you.

  • Popular tags

There are certain hashtags that are popular on instagram. Using them on your photos makes your photos more discoverable, increasing the exposure and possibly scoring you some likes.

  • Filters

Choosing the right filter may bring all the difference. Most users prefer photos with some specific filters over others. The most popular filters are normal, earlybird, x-proll, hefe, rise Valencia and amaro.

  • Commenting vs. liking

Studies have shown that many users of instagram prefer comments on their photos over likes. People however, still do post more likes as compared to comments. Instagram statistics show 575 new likes per second and only 81 comments per second. This mean that you should try to comment more on photos and profiles of other users in anticipation that they will do the same on your account. Comments on your photos will definitely increase when you buy instagram followers or buy instagram likes.

  • Perfect timing

Very few users know this. You should post a photo at certain specific times on instagram. Ideally, the best time would be on Monday 5 pm PST. It increases the likelihood of more likes and comments on your photo as it is when instagram has the highest number of users online.

  • Get personal or show off

Images that showcase lifestyle or those that are personal usually get a lot more likes and comments. The photo that don’t contain these elements usually get about 11% fewer likes.

  • Combine images

Adding multiple images to form one collage like photo increases chances of getting more likes by 19.4% and 22% for comments.

  • Invest

Buy instagram followers or buy instalikes to boost your account appearance.