8 best places to surf in the world

Since realizing her dream of becoming the youngest surfer to win a world championship in 2011, Carissa Moore continued to chase waves around the world. In her wake, she left shattered stereotypes and a path for the next generation of surfers.
Over the past decade she has won five world titles and in 2021 she became the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal when her sport made its debut in Tokyo. She is also the subject of the film “Rissand was named “Woman of the Year” by Glamor magazine.

Carissa Moore in Haleiwa, Hawaii

© Ryan Miller

Throughout the year, Moore spends six months in Hawaii, enjoying the beautiful beaches of his own backyard, then hits the road with his board in search of the best breaks in the world.

“I try to keep something from every place I go… In one of the rooms in my house I have a collection of all these different sands from around the world,” she says.

Whether you’re looking for the biggest waves, the best surf school, or even a unique surf culture, it’s hard to argue that there’s a sport that takes you further. amazing places than surfing.

The 8 best places to surf in the world

Here is our list of the eight best places to surf in the world. Where do you want to visit first?

Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning

© Corey Wilson

Located between Brisbane and Byron Bay in southeast Queensland, the Gold Coast is considered the gold standard for many professional surfers and carnations around the world. It’s hard to beat the year-round surf, well-guarded beaches and epic drop-off spots. It’s also not uncommon to spot Aussie pros like Mick Fanning and Molly Picklum in the range along the 40 mile stretch of beautiful beaches between Southport Spit to the north and Snapper Rocks to the south.

How to get there: Fly into Brisbane Airport (BNE) and catch a train to the Gold Coast.

The United States has more surfers than any other country in the world, and with its proximity to Hollywood, Malibu has often been the poster child for that perfect surf culture. Less than an hour from LAX airport, these sandy beaches offer a laid-back vibe, surf spots for novices and pros alike, and the occasional celebrity sighting. Iconic First Point, along the pier, is considered one of the greatest right-hand stopping points in the whole world. California Coastline. Plus, Zuma Beach, made famous by the TV series “Baywatch,” is a great spot for surfers of all skill levels.

How to get there: Book a flight to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), rent a car and find your way to Highway 1.


Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Jordy Smith

Jordy Smith

© Craig Kolesky

Also known as J-Bay, this surfing mecca is located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Bruce Brown’s 1966 documentary “The Endless Summer” gave audiences around the world a taste of the perfect weather and incredible beaches in this laid-back South African surf town. But it’s the infamous Supertubes (or Supers) that keep experts and locals like Frank Solomon come back for more. Once you’ve had all the swells you can take, take a stroll through the Jeffreys Bay Shell Museum or check out the incredible local seafood and views.

How to get there: The nearest airport is Port Elizabeth International Airport (PLZ).

Vasco Ribeiro

Vasco Ribeiro

© Pedro Mestre

A charming fishing village meets world-class surfing here in Europe’s only World Surf Reserve. This breathtaking coastline is located approximately 31 miles from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. Surfing is more accessible to all levels of surfers than the waves to the north in Nazare. And you can expect surf lessons and camps to introduce beginners to their boards and give more experienced surfers a chance to try new tricks.

How to get there: Fly to Lisbon (LIS), then rent a car or take the bus.

Red Bull Airborne in Hossegor, France

Red Bull Airborne in Hossegor, France

© Ryan Miller

French fashion and food may be the most eye-catching, but surfers around the world have fallen in love with At Hossegor surf beaches of this seaside resort of South West of France. The five main beaches here (Plage Notre Dame, Plage de la Sud, Plage Centrale, Plage de la Gravière and Plage Naturiste, aka “Bare Bum Beach”) cater to different levels of surfers and the surfing competitions offer something special for spectators who prefer a place on the sand. Koala Surf Camp caters to beginner and intermediate surfers and offers six days of lessons and a comfortable place to stay from June to October.

How to get there: Biarritz Airport (BIQ) is the nearest airport, but San Sebastián Airport (EAS) is also an option. If you are coming from another city in Europe, bus or train is also an option.


Puerto Escondido, Mexico

3 minutes

Biggest swell in Puerto Escondido

Local filmmaker Edwin Morales captures all the big barrels and even more of the carnage of Mexico’s pipeline.

Those looking for an adrenaline rush and some massive barrels look no further than this laid-back beach town in Oaxaca. Crystal clear water, sandy beaches and seaside seafood bars attract everyone, but leave Zicatela Beach experienced big wave surfers and pros. Beginner and intermediate surfers can have a blast along the coast at Playa Carrizalillo.

How to get there: Consider booking a connecting flight from Mexico City (MEX) that will take you directly to Puerto Escondido Airport (PXM).


San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

If you’re looking to get away from the big crowds of surfers, this Central American “offshore wind mecca” might be the place for you. The city’s party and nightlife will give you plenty of après-surf options, and the best beaches are just a short shuttle ride away. Playa Maderas is the most popular of the bunch and is just a 20 minute drive north. Beginners head here for great lessons and camps, but locals also love it for its year-round consistency.

How to get there: Check out flights to Costa Esmeralda Airport (ECI), Popoyo’s new international airport. You’ll land just an hour’s drive north of San Juan Del Sur.

Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

© Ha’a Keaulana

No list of the best surf spots in the world would be complete without a nod to the birthplace of modern surfing – Hawaii. Whether you’re looking for that perfect monster wave in Waimea Bayready for reef breaks Banzai Gas Pipelineor just looking for a friend party wave contest, the North Shore has something for everyone. And if you run into Carissa Moore on the lineup, be sure to share a bit of “aloha.”

How to get there: Book your flight to Honolulu (HNL) then choose between a car or a bus.

No matter what the weather is like where you are right now, there is sun somewhere and waves just waiting to be ridden. Check “Kai’s life” and “In full view” for more great ideas on where to go next with your board.