A dark fashion at the César du cinema français 2022

So I messed up, I didn’t just double check: I promised I would cover the Cesar’s Film Awards red carpet in due course, but I had a feeling it would take place in March, instead of last Friday, February 25. And not to justify my lateness but… like, the Cold War came back, with a pinch of stuff that came before the Cold War.

The irony of escapism is that you always need it most when you shouldn’t. But since the human brain can only process a limited number of long-term seizures, plus any other clear and present seizures that are continuing, that’s microdosing.

But with the invasion of Ukraine having begun less than 24 hours before, it’s obvious the mood at the Caesars was clearly dark and restrained, made worse by the far too soon death of Gaspard Ulliel after a skiing accident in January, and to whom the ceremony was dedicated. So, in a way, it would be kind of shitty to compare this red carpet to the fun people were having at the Goyas or even the SAG Awards later this weekend. Still, they are French, and the French not in the mood will outperform the Americans who are feeling down any time of the week.

Let’s not be thirsty anymore.

The winners.

The big winner of the evening was Xavier Giannolli lost illusions, which won 7 awards including Best Picture. Based on Balzac’s novel, it features an ensemble cast that nabbed Best Supporting Actor nominations for Xavier Dolan, Jeanne Balibar, Cécile de France, a Best Supporting Actor win for Vincent Lacoste and the most promising actor for his lead role, Benjamin Voisin. Here he is with Cécile de France, respectively at Fendi and Dior. Lacoste wore a Celine, with a baggy shirt and one of those belted pants, a clear nod to the 19th century bohemian he plays in the film. I kinda like it.


Speaking of Celine, Best Actress went to Valérie Lemercier playing non-Céline Dion in A line, also crossed out by it. Not a big fan of the understated Stephane Rolland she wore, mostly because her latest collections include things that are perfectly suited to evoke the Celine Dion vibe. What I loved was Aïssatou Diallo Sagna’s dress, winner of the Best Supporting Actress award for The divide. Before that, she was a hospital assistant. If I’m not mistaken, her dress is by Senegalese designer Collé Sow Ardo

The Most Promising Actress winner was Anamaria Vartolomei for Event, almost predicted after the rave reception the film and his performance garnered. Do I like this Chanel? Not the biggest fan, it’s a bit of a twee, and I’ll never be a fan of ruffled skirts, but it’s daring and a great way to top off your breakout victory lap. Also… like, did you see his eyes?

It’s an honor just to be nominated

by Julia Ducournau Titaniumwinner of the Palme d’or and pride and joy of Film-Twitter in 2022 returned home empty-handed, the best director having gone to Leos Carax for Anette, whose victory was overdue according to Kayleigh. However, this year, three directors were nominated, including Ducournau, Valérie Lemercier and Audrey Diwan for Event, so I guess the Academy is trying to mess around giving Polanski the award in 2020. I don’t have any ID on Ducourneau’s dress, but here it is with Titane star Agathe Rouselle, wearing Louis Vuitton , and she’s pulling it off, proving that it’s not LV’s red carpet designs that suck, it’s the people they choose to wear them. Nicolas Ghesquière’s ideas are too out there to be worn by your average, conventionally pretty stars because they look fucking uncomfortable in them. With the exception of Cate Blanchett, but I’ll get there. Artists like Rouselle, now the brand’s muse, give meaning to these creations because they bring them to life.


For example, look at Léa Seydoux (nominated for France) in this personalized Louis Vuitton. It’s as charming and conventional as it gets, but it still looks a bit boxy for a woman with, you know, nice curves.

My favorite look among men was Pierre Niney wearing a dark silver Dior, nominated for Black Box (Black Box), which you will soon see adapted to the English language and starring Jake Gyllenhaal. There are no announcements or anything, it’s just a certainty.

Also a fan of this Chanel worn by Jeanne Balibar, nominated for lost illusions:

And I really liked this coat-dress hybrid by Alexis Mabille on Laure Calamy. Calamy, which you might (or should) know Call my agent!was the outgoing Best Actress winner and a second-time Her Way nominee.

Adèle Exarchopoulos (nominated for mandibles) killed him again in Paco Rabanne. See the creators of the world? You can make a woman with sexy curves and chic! Adele has been pulling this for years now.

Audrey Diwan also wore Chanel, from the same collection as Balibar. I like that too, but I think it would have worked better as a combination.

Lucie Zhang was nominated for Most Promising Actress for Jacques Audiard Paris 13th. She’s wearing Dior with a nice skirt print, but I don’t like the ruffles on the top.

Another nominee for Most Promising Actress was Noee Abita for Slalom. I love this Celine, but her 60s style hairstyle is the star here, she totally pulls it off.

Ok, but now we just want to be thirsty.

Oh I am sorry! I would have assumed there was more than enough (respectful, chic) ​​thirst to be had in any of the previous looks? Ok, fine, let’s start with the man, the myth, the legend Omar Sy, who presented the Best Actress awards. Who wouldn’t love swagger so much, but he has a way of making swagger classy. Omar Sy: Creator of Chic Swagger. The title is yours for the taking sir. So… the most popular French actor of the last decade is a handsome black Muslim man… what do you like about Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour!


A second with Ana Girardot in Maison Valentino:

Here we have popular Belgian comedian Nawell Madani and her partner, Djebril Zonga, nominated in 2020 as the most promising actor for Wretched (not this one). They recently became parents to a baby girl.


They are in the running for the hottest couple of the evening with those of the banner photo: Virginie Efira (nominee for Benedetta) and Niels Schneider. They met in all of An impossible love, where they play lovers separated by age and class and… you already closed this tab to check it out, right? At least look at the whole thing and not just the, um… “selection”, you filthy, thirsty bastards!


Bonus: Cate Blanchett also won an award in this one?

Yes, shortly after winning Goya’s first international honor award, she won the equivalent of the Césars, presented by Isabelle Huppert (at Balenciaga), while Cate Blanchett showed up in Louis Vuitton, proving that we can get there. You just need to have Cate Blanchett’s arrogance and self-assurance. Still, not quite as good as the Armani she wore to the SAG Awards on Sunday, which reminded us that a) Breathing is important, b) When we think of Cate Blanchett, we consider her one of the most beautiful, or the most classy or the most stylish women of our time. But we also forget that it is HOT.

albert Cox acknowledges that he might be too straight for these fashion reviews. Plus, the producers behind Emily in Paris might want to take a look at the Césars, when an awards show better represents France’s diversity, you REALLY have a problem.

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