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It is advisable to get professional debt relief to escape this spiral. Often there are unexpected events that lead to debt – eg sudden unemployment, a case of illness in the family or a separation or help, my customer has debts – cross-cutting issue “over-indebtedness”. That’s why we offer help. Together with you, we want to avoid further debt and try to reduce your debt burden. Tenant debt is one of the most important debts!

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Advice and support

Advice and support

Rent debt is one of the most significant debt! The consequences of a possible loss of the apartment through rent debt can be far-reaching, because in extreme cases, the apartment can be terminated and the whole host family can become homeless. Therefore, we would like to give you some tips on dealing with rental debt, because rent debt can be easily avoided if you seek early advice and help!

Our service is the service that you can be able to meet in reasonable installments. With this website, we want to give interested parties further advice on dealing with tenant debt. We also gave you some pointers on how to avoid new debt. An overview picture with addresses and telephone numbers of some selected nationally approved and free debtor and insolvency consulting offices completes our web offer for you.

Debtors and insolvency counseling

Debtors and insolvency counseling

Some people have annoying debts – some are desperate, others try to go outside. With our debt and insolvency advice, we help to pave the way out of debt or surplus coverage. The debts are changing and destroying the fate of many people. A debt-free housing for the sick is usually difficult to learn again without technical assistance.

Together with the counselors, our consultancy develops an individual concept for debt regulation for people with debt or over-indebtedness. From the application to the removal of the remaining debt, the advice accompanies the persons concerned. With the help of the debt settlement, those concerned should be able to settle their financial affairs independently and without new debts. In the event of a variety of problems, employees cooperate with other specialized services and provide additional help.

The debtor and insolvency counseling is an institution accredited according to § 305 InsO. Consultation and appointment without agreement in the course of a public consultation: Advice Center Trier: Advice Center Saarburg: The access to an official award procedure is possible through the questionnaire. Click here to download a map. Your IP address will be transmitted to Google.