Does my American relative need an attestation d’accueil to visit me in France?

Reader Question: Does my daughter need a accommodation certificate visit me in France? She is traveling from the United States.

A accommodation certificate is a document that serves as proof of accommodation for a traveler in case they plan to stay with a friend, family member or any other type of private accommodation during their trip.

It is not compulsory for all citizens of the EU, EEA, Switzerland, Andorra or Monegasque. Likewise, permanent residents in France, those who will collect their residence permit on arrival and those who have a one-year Schengen visa do not need it. There are a few other exceptions – see more info here.

For all other nationals planning a trip of less than three months to France and intending to stay with friends or family, it is technically mandatory, says the French government website.

However, in practice it is extremely unlikely that citizens of countries that have visa-free entry to France – such as the US and UK – will ever be asked for this document.

The connection never heard of anyone from the US or UK asking for it. The document is more likely to be requested during the visa application process, which US nationals do not need when traveling to France for less than three months.

Cannes lawyer Sarah Sahnoun previously said The connection“If I want to bring in a family member who lives in England but has a different nationality and needs a visa, I can get a accommodation certificate to help them come, but Europeans and those who are exempt from tourist visas do not need it.

She added that if an American is going to France, the border guard may sometimes ask the purpose of the visit, but usually saying “I’m staying with my friend” will suffice.

Note, a accommodation certificate can be obtained from the local city ​​hall of the one hosting the traveler. It costs €30. Find out more about this certificate in our explanation here: Visits to family in France and rules for receiving forms.

Prove your financial means

The French government also specifies that travelers to the country may be asked to prove their financial means.

Again, this is extremely unlikely to be required of travelers from the United States.

On the off chance that travelers planning to stay with a friend or family member who have a accommodation certificate must have proof of having at least €32.50 for each day of their stay.

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