Fall is here, but you don’t have to put away the bronzer | Reconcile


I’ve just finished my biannual wardrobe change, when linen shirts and airy skirts go on sabbatical at the loft, passing the baton to big coats and chunky knits until next spring.

What never goes into hibernation is my bronzer. Bronzer or cream is used conspicuously to mimic the most desirable effects of summer sun exposure, adding a slightly deeper glow to the cheeks and temples, but it’s not a look that I think , has a seasonal deadline. I wear bronzer all year round because I always want what the French call cap Mine – that attractive, outdoor touch of good health that can be simulated on all skin tones and ages. The trick is to simply reduce color and coverage for increased plausibility during the cooler months.

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Glossier Solar Paint (13 ml, £ 17) is an ideal choice for those who fear the fall tan. I’m unexpectedly impressed with these compact and super easy bronze wands in four shades, suitable for light to dark skin tones. Shimmer isn’t usually my bag (my most used bronzer is Fenty’s Cheeks Out Glowless), but I appreciate the playful novelty of the very fine, understated pearly finish of Glossier’s whipped gel cream, spread out quite casually. on the cheeks then sinks in easily with your fingertips or a brush. It gives an immediate impression of dimension when the face is a little flat and lifeless, without ever becoming scratched and “made up”.

A similar effect (and without the shimmer) is The beautiful news of Victoria Beckham Beauty naughty chic (5g, £ 36) in the playground, so named because the warm, sheer terracotta is an approximation of the lipstick Beckham’s mom hastily put on Victoria’s cheeks after school every time she “looked a little sharp “.

And I have to direct those of you who are married to bronzers to Dior Beauty, a brand that is, to give credit where it should be, currently on a gold trail. Dior Forever Natural Bronze (9g, £ 40) gives as natural a glow as it gets – light, smooth, non-chalky and non-shimmering and realistic for all skin tones. (There is shade for everyone, but if you are very, very pale and usually struggles with bronzer, know that shade 01 Fair Bronze is your holy grail.) Its effect is so natural that application is a breeze, but your fingertips won’t do it. deal – run a greasy, fluffy brush over the powder and brush the cheeks, temples and nose after any foundation and before blush.