Fashion trends that we will see more and that he hopes we will not see


In a world filled with anxiety and uncertainty, “Queer Eye” style expert Tan France has one burning wish when there is some stability: he really hopes people will “embrace fashion again” and streetwear is dying out.

“It’s a difficult task [question], because we do not really know what will happen with the pandemic. I hope the world gets back on track in the next few months, ”France recently told Insider during the promotion. its collaboration with EyeBuyDirect.

“Until the moment we start to get back to some normalcy, I think people are going to stick with what they have been doing for the last few months which is sweating,” he said. .

“Then I really hope people will embrace fashion again,” France added.

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France is best known as the tube style expert

restart “Queer Eye”, where he is joined by Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness and Bobby Berk as they completely makeover their guests.

France looks to the past as it predicts this year’s fashion trends

France referred to the “The new look” collection released by Dior in 1947 that revamped fashion after WWII while discussing what to expect in how people will dress after the pandemic.

“You saw so much volume of fabric in clothes because people had been rationing fabric for so long that they couldn’t wear big, elaborate clothes. I think we’re going to see a resurgence of that,” France said.

He believes people will dress more than they normally would, once they can again, “because they haven’t been able to do it for so long.” He points out that he doesn’t just mean trying harder, but “people dress up like they’re going to a fancy event when in reality they’re just going to work.”

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France is not the only one to make this prediction.

Yale epidemiologist Dr Nicholas Christakis predicts that there will be another “Roaring Twenties” after the pandemic, although he believes it will take longer than in 2021 for this phase to materialize. Guardian reporter Jessica Glenza wrote that, according to Christakis, we can expect to see “crowded stadiums, crowded nightclubs and flourishing arts” in 2024.

The 1920s, or “the roaring twenties,” were characterized by a healthy stock market, innovative new products, and cheerful Americans enjoying music and fashion.

“I just miss dressing up because you want to look beautiful. I miss the beauty in fashion,” France said.

France, on the other hand, is hoping for the end of streetwear – and shoulder bags.

” I hope that street wear is about to disappear, and so hopefully they’ll drop that one, ”France said.

France told Insider it hoped there would be a “resurgence” of chic looks like well-tailored, well-fitting outfits rather than “what we saw before the pandemic, which was dirty, grungy, grunge” .

He adds shoulder bags to his to-go list.

“I’m glad they’re dying at this point, but they were fine two years ago. I think I’ve seen enough to last a lifetime,” France said.


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