John Deere accelerates battery production with Kreisel Electric

John Deere announced an investment in two additional Kreisel Electric production facilities to increase battery production capacity.

Deere acquired a majority stake in Kreisel in early 2022, which currently has a plant located in Austria. This expansion will bring an increase of more than 2 gigawatt hours to John Deere’s total battery production.

“This investment will place a strong emphasis on the industrialization and automation of the entire production process, as well as research and development capabilities at Kreisel’s headquarters in Rainbach,” said Jennifer Preston, global director of John Deere electric power.

The first stage of the investment will begin with a new facility located at John Deere’s Saran plant in France, which is Deere’s main engine manufacturing site in the European Union. The company will also invest in battery assembly capacity in the United States.

Kreisel will leverage existing John Deere expertise at the Saran plant throughout the production stages. Funds from the investment will primarily be used in commercial and industrial mobile solutions, as well as Kreisel’s charging infrastructure division.

It’s part of John Deere’s response to the global energy market demanding long-lasting and efficient battery solutions.

“We are embarking on a future with zero-emissions propulsion and pursuing our sustainability goal to demonstrate viable low- and zero-carbon alternative energy solutions by 2026,” Preston said.