Masks will remain mandatory on public transport in Spain until experts decide otherwise, health minister says

Carolina Darias confirmed to Parliament that the government plans to follow expert advice as it has done throughout the pandemic

Health Minister Carolina Darias has confirmed there are no plans to lift the mask rule on public transport and will remain in place until experts say otherwise.

Responding to a question in parliament from the deputy of Ciudadanos Guillermo Díaz, she stressed that all the measures taken during the pandemic have been approved by experts who have advised and continue to advise the Ministry of Health and regional governments.

She explained that the reason masks still have to be worn on public transport is that many people cram into small spaces without adequate ventilation, increasing the risk.

Díaz said it was his party that “convinced” the government to lift the law on masks on the streets and inside buildings and that in other countries like Portugal, France, Belgium, Denmark and the United Kingdom, among others, masks no longer have to be worn on public transport and “nothing happened”.

He also said imposing an unnecessary measure caused more damage than it prevented because most people who catch Covid-19 don’t get very sick from it, but Carolina Darias insisted that the government will continue to follow the advice of health experts, and that Spain recently received recognition from the World Health Organization for its handling of the pandemic.