New Zealand Ranked 9th in Net Zero Emission Readiness Index


New Zealand has made the top 10 in a new index on net zero emission readiness, but it ranks below some of the most industrialized countries in the world.

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Business consultancy KPMG’s Net Zero Readiness Index looked at 32 countries in developed and emerging economies.

Sector readiness covered the five most emitting sectors: electricity and heating, transport, buildings and industry and agriculture.

New Zealand is ranked 9th, behind countries like France, Germany, Japan and Norway in the lead.

KPMG executive chairman Matt Prichard said the 9th place was in part due to the strength of other countries.

“We rank lower in the survey in terms of capacity and capability. Most of the countries that are ranked ahead of us are bigger and stronger countries that actually have more force to deploy to achieve these goals.”

But New Zealand’s agri-food sector ranks first in decarbonization readiness for agriculture, land use, and forestry.

Pritchard said the 9th overall standings were “great to see”.

He said this is a testament to the ambition and hard work of key sectors.

“They also reflect our unique sense of kaitiakitanga, our pride in our quandua, our biodiversity and our culture. New Zealand has the first global legislation, such as the requirement to use a working group on climate-related financial disclosure recommendations and the government’s carbon neutral program. .

“We can be rightly proud of the progress we have made over the past decade, but we still have a lot of work to do.”

While New Zealand’s ranking was determined by the readiness of the agricultural sector, Pritchard said it did not rank in the top five of the other four highest emitting sectors assessed – electricity and heat, transport, buildings and industry.

“There are also nuances in the conclusions that we have to take into account. New Zealand is one of nine countries in the index that have made their net zero commitments legally binding. We know that political will is a critical factor in our quest for net zero.

“Our commitment is not correlated with our delivery capacity in the five most emitting sectors, because we are still behind some countries that have not legislated net zero.”

Top 10 Net Zero Readiness Index

  • 1. Norway
  • 2. United Kingdom
  • 3. Sweden
  • 4. Denmark
  • 5. Germany
  • 6. France
  • 7. Japan
  • 8. Canada
  • 9. New Zealand
  • 10. Italy


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