Pursue Masters at IESEG School of Management for a Bright Future

The Specialized Masters offered at the IESEG School of Management are aimed at students wishing to flourish in an international and multicultural experience. It offers two courses based on the university curriculum. They are:

  • Regular Track – It is formulated for students who have graduated from a 3-year full-time undergraduate program authorized by an official degree.
  • Fast Track – It is formulated for students graduating from a 4-year full-time study program with a degree in management or in the field of study offered by IÉSEG. The candidate can request an exemption from the third semester.

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MS at IESEG School of Management

The MS programs offered at IESEG School of Management are listed below:

  • fashion management
  • International trade
  • Strategy and Digital Transformation
  • International trade negotiation
  • Finance
  • Banking, Capital Markets and Fintech
  • Big Data Analytics for Business
  • Digital Marketing and CRM
  • Management for sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation

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Eligibility criteria

Eligibility requirements for MS programs at IESEG School of Management are listed below:

Eligibility Requirements for MS at IESEG School of Management
Qualification Admission criteria
12th No specific cut mentioned


No specific cut mentioned

Applicants should hold a bachelor’s degree in a related field from a recognized university with strong academic performance

TOEFL Ratings – 85/120
IELTS Ratings – 6.5/9

Other eligibility criteria

A GMAT/GRE score is optional, not required

Applicants who have completed two years of English-taught courses are exempt from ELP requirements

Once the application has been submitted, students will be contacted by the local contact for a skype or telephone conversation

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IESEG School of Management MS Program Information

Detailed information about the most popular MS programs at IESEG School of Management is given below:

fashion management

The MS in Fashion Management program is taught in English. It is formulated to teach students the topics of fashion and luxury management. The program prepares students for a global career in the fashion and luxury industry.

The MS program prepares future fashion managers to work in international conditions. They can apply their knowledge, skills and experience on the international fashion platform.

International trade

The MIB or Master in International Business program is entirely taught in English. It provides the skills required to thrive in international business. A solid understanding of corporate culture and operations is provided to students with the foundational skills needed to operate a business in a global setting.

Strategy and Digital Transformation

The MS in Strategy and Digital Transformation program aims to impart digital fluency to help organizations transform digital technology into a profitable business.

The MS program aims to provide students with the knowledge of the necessary technologies in the digital domain and the skills to design and initiate digital transformation in all operations, such as customer and employee experience, and innovation in strategy or model economic.

International trade negotiation

The taught MS in International Business Negotiation program aims to develop effective, adaptable and altruistic managers with strong negotiation skills to work in a global context.

It allows students to grasp each step of the negotiation process and fully immerse themselves in a multidisciplinary analysis of negotiation in a global environment. Candidates discover their individual negotiation styles and strengthen their communication skills and interpersonal skills. Both of these skills are essential for carrying out positive negotiation processes.


The MS in Finance program is structured for students who want to gain a deeper understanding of financial analysis in a realistic environment. In addition to technical skills, students can also learn soft skills that help prepare them for positions of authority in their professional careers.

The program is taught in English giving it an international perspective, one of its major strengths. The program places particular emphasis on issues of responsibility, ethics and sustainability. He recognizes that adopting an ethical attitude is vital for effective financial analysts and portfolio managers.

Banking, Capital Markets and Fintech

The MS in Banking, Capital Markets and Financial Technology program is designed to enhance knowledge of debt securities and capital markets. Interactive courses delivered by qualified experts from industry and academia provide strong technical skills in banking, financial market security and financial data.

In the dynamic international financial platform, the program explores recent developments in capital markets practices and regulation. Graduates of this program gain a set of quantitative tools and a clear understanding of ethics and regulation in the capital markets and investment banking industry.

Big Data Analytics for Business

The MS in Big Data Analytics for Business program is offered in English. It aims to strengthen candidates’ skills in data analysis.

Candidates are exposed to the basics of the decision-making process facilitated by gaining knowledge through big data, customer Internet traffic data, social media data, and inventory log processes.

Digital Marketing and CRM

The MS in Digital Marketing & CRM program offers you a unique opportunity to improve your knowledge of digital marketing and customer relationship management (CRM).

The primary objective of this study program is to train future managers to operate in these complementary sectors which represent innovative ways of conducting marketing and boosting customer relations.

Management for sustainability

The MS in Management for Sustainability program is aimed at ambitious and persuasive people who want to implement their ideas to meet the challenges of sustainable development.

It aims to provide students with basic technological, scientific and strategic skills to meet recent challenges of sustainable development.

Entrepreneurship and innovation

The MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation program aims to improve analytical understanding and the ability to reflect on the importance of the entrepreneurial attitude in people and organizations.

It aims to strengthen the critical spirit of students to analyze the factors influencing the success of a new business and the process. It also provides the skills needed to assess the possibility of new business concepts.

The IESEG School of Management offers quality education in a wide range of subjects. It would be a wise choice if you choose to study your MS at IESEG. The school is popular among people who want to study abroad. More and more students are choosing to study in France with IÉSEG School of Management having a favorable choice.