Queer Eye: The 10 Fab Fivers, ranked

Since the first iteration of the series in the early 2000s, strange eye has retained a defining philosophy: a good makeover can really change a life. Between the two teams known as the Fab Five during the Bravo era and the current incarnation of the Netflix series, life has definitely changed for the participants involved. Of course, the real question remains: what strange eye has the best Fab Five members?

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strange eye lives and dies thanks to the strength of his Fab Five. It’s amazing that the producers were able to catch Lightning in a Bottle twice, so to speak, through two different iterations of the series. However, was one version more successful than the other? While viewers may claim to love both actors alike, one team definitely outperforms the other.

ten Jai Rodriguez

Jai Rodriguez

Part of the original Fab Five, Jai Rodriguez, sadly, ranks last not for lack of personality but because no one really knew what to do with him. At least see the episodes of the original again strange eye, the feeling is that the producers did not know what to think of the nebulous term “Culture”. While the other members of the Fab Five had very clear responsibilities, Rodriguez’s role was a little harder to pin down. It changed from episode to episode in a different way than Karamo Brown did in the current series.

Ultimately, due to the constant state of being on the move, Rodriguez ends up getting lost in the shuffle. On camera, he comes across as very charismatic and fun, but the lack of direction through his “Culture” lens leaves him behind the rest of the Fab Five.

9 Ted allen

Ted Allen chopped

To post strange eye, Ted Allen has made a name for himself in the food industry in several ways. He was the host of Food Network Chopped since 2009 with its derivative series, Junior chopped. He has created cookbooks and writes regularly on the world of food. Allen knows his subject extremely well.

Unfortunately on strange eyeHis relatively low-key and laid-back personality, especially compared to some of the other more energetic members of the original Fab Five, meant he didn’t stand out as much. As a result, it tends to get tricked into segments that make it into episodes.


8 Bobby Yuck

strange eyed bobby berk

No one works more than Bobby Berk in the Netflix version of strange eye. Berk redesigns homes and other living spaces from top to bottom in a few days. The results are generally breathtaking for the heroes of the latest Fab Five make-better. More than anything, the reception is not about Berk’s work ethic, but how his screen time suffers from the nature of his job.

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As a man of design, Berk doesn’t have a lot of segments with the heroes or with the other members outside of a few key scenes in the show’s format. Again, this is because man is literally rearranging a person’s entire living space for him or her. Unfortunately, this means that viewers did not get to know Berk very well despite strange eyeis many seasons.

7 kyan douglas

kyan douglas

Hairdresser Kyan Douglas didn’t have much experience with the entertainment industry when he was picked strange eye. In fact, he heard about the project from a client, which prompted him to send in a portrait and biography for the producers. During his time on the show, Douglas cut the manes and generally went for a clean look for the subjects of the original. strange eye. However, he has largely disappeared from the radar since his role on the series.

While he was quite fun on the series, Douglas ended up pale in comparison to Jonathan Van Ness, the current stylist of the Netflix iteration of strange eye. This is just one of those cases where, when looking at the current series, the past is not enough.

6 Karamo Brown

To Karamo Brown’s absolute credit, he won the tough ‘Culture’ category of strange eye and forged it into something more defined. Of course, the title of “Culture” is probably not as appropriate as “Therapy”, but it is a space to allow the strange eye hero to face their issues safely with someone trained in it (Brown worked as a licensed social worker for more than a decade after his first reality TV appearance in The real world.)

However, it is this Culture label that still confuses strange eye the viewers a bit. Some say what Brown does is not Culture, which may or may not be true. Either way, while he defines himself better than Jai Rodriguez, Brown either needs to change the name of his expertise or add things a little more cultural in his needed catharsis sessions.

5 Antoni Porowski

Discovered by a precedent strange eye Allen, food expert, Porowski is practically an inherited member of the Fab Five. Although very sweet, charming and passionate about his specialty, he cannot change the way the food is framed in the strange eye story. Of course, the heroes of Netflix strange eye learn how to prepare food and may even cook it for an event, but, overall, that’s not the most important part of their transformation.

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Unfortunately, despite Porowski’s charm, he ends up getting lost a bit in the overall story that strange eye tries to tell viewers.

4 Thom filicia

Thom filicia

The designer of the original Fab Five, Thom Filicia was definitely a force of personality during his tenure on strange eye. From the way he said “horrible” to rude remarks about one person’s decor, Filicia always lived up to his comment. Like Berk after him, Filicia would reorganize all the people’s houses. However, as the series progressed, it was eventually reduced to one or two rooms in a living space.

From the range of home transformations to her very camp personality, Ficilia made an impression during her tenure on strange eye. This translated into his own career as a host on various interior design shows, such as Sticky house.

3 Tan France

Tan France in Queer Eye

Style expert for Netflix’s Fab Five, Tan France has a very low-key personality but is also memorable. Whether it’s showcasing the wonders of the French tuck to the world or keeping the budgets of heroes in mind, France dresses people using their fashion sense, just high. He’s good at making style more accessible to the average home viewer, who may not be sure they have one.

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With his warm presence, Netflix has given France its own spinoff YouTube series where it dresses, among other things, comedians. He just does well as America’s favorite stylist.

2 Carson Kressley

Thinking back to the Bravo era story of strange eye, the show probably wouldn’t have been the success it was without Carson Kressley. With her great personality, eye-catching outfit, and perfect comments, Kressley has arguably become the face of both. strange eye and the Fab Five overall.

Since strange eye completed, Kressley had a fairly robust career in reality TV. He has hosted several fashion series and remains a well-known figure in pop culture.

1 Jonathan van ness

Hairstylist and internet icon Jonathan Van Ness is the top member of the Fab Five. Van Ness feels like everyone’s best friend. He became famous with Internet series The Gay Throne, where he summarized Game Of Thrones, and his excellent podcast Be curious with Jonathan Van Ness. His role as hair guru on Netflix strange eye sent them soaring to new heights, winning fans around the world.

All in all, Van Ness’s bubbly personality, warm demeanor, murderous fashion, and excellent hair transformations left an impression. strange eye viewers won’t soon forget.

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