Real Madrid demand ‘answers’ from UEFA and question Stade de France move

Real Madrid have questioned the decision to stage the Champions League final at the Stade de France.

They also called for those responsible for events off the pitch to be “held accountable”.

Last weekend’s game against Liverpool, which Real won 1-0, was marred by problems around the stadium. Fans were held up for more than two hours as they attempted to enter the ground, while tear gas was used by police against the supporters.

There were also numerous reports of attacks on fans after the match ended.

Athleticism also debunked a number of allegations made by French authorities, including those relating to counterfeit banknotes.

Real have now come to the defense of their supporters, writing: “We would like to know the reasons which led to choosing this place to host the final and the criteria used, taking into account the experiences of the day.

“Furthermore, we call for answers and explanations to determine those responsible for leaving fans helpless and helpless. Fans who, in general terms, have shown exemplary conduct at all times.”

Their statement continued: “We believe that something that should have been a wonderful football festival for all the fans who attended the game quickly turned into a series of unfortunate events that caused a sense of outrage. in the whole world.

“As evidenced by revealing images released by the media, several fans were violently attacked, harassed, assaulted and robbed. These events continued as they traveled in their car or bus, raising concerns for their physical well-being. Some fans even had to spend the night in the hospital due to injuries.

“Football has conveyed to the world an image far removed from the values ​​and goals it should pursue.”

Real ended by calling for action, adding: “Our fans and supporters deserve an answer and those responsible must be held accountable so that events like these are eradicated from football and sport in general.”

(Photo: Getty Images)