Review of the International Health Information Technology Week: November 7

Written by Kate McDonald on .

Confidence in EMR data, Philips Tasy vulnerability, fourth COVID pass in France, COVID application in Egypt, NHS Covid Pass accepted by EU, new CIO for US VA as Cerner EMR modernization program under surveillance, saving time with Microsoft Teams, English standard for the medical message content, no uniform standard for telehealth

80% of IT hospital managers don’t fully trust their hospital’s EHR data
Becker Hospital Exam ~ Hannah Mitchell ~ 10/28/2021

Hospital executives have said they lack fully reliable and interoperable data despite their decision-making potential, according to a report by Sage Growth Partners.

Philips reveals TASY EMR vulnerabilities pose risk to patient data
SC Magazine ~ Jessica Davis ~ 04/11/2021

Philips has issued an advisory urging healthcare providers to fix two security vulnerabilities in its TASY Electronic Medical Record HTML5 system, versions 3.06.1803 and earlier.

France introduces (another) new Covid health pass system for non-European visitors
The local ~ Personal editor ~ 04/11/2021

Since the introduction of the health passport in France, visitors who have been vaccinated outside the EU must convert their vaccination certificates into a format compatible with the French system.

Department of Health activates app to serve as online health passport for coronavirus vaccine at airports
Egypt Independent ~ Al-Masry Al-Youm ~ 11/03/2021

The Ministry of Health has implemented a mobile phone app named Egypt Health Passport for Android and iPhone, which will serve as an electronic health passport at airports to replace paper certificates providing coronavirus vaccination.

NHS Covid Pass accepted as equivalent to EU Covid digital certificate
Digital Health News ~ Cora Lydon ~ 11/04/2021

The NHS Covid Pass has been accepted as the equivalent of the European Union’s Covid digital certificate with the aim of facilitating international travel for UK citizens.

Biden appoints new CIO for VA, could help lead EHR modernization
Health IT News ~ Mike Miliard ~ 11/04/2021

Former Microsoft CEO Kurt DelBene, who helped turn around eight years ago, may be tasked with enabling more turnaround work at Veterans Affairs.

Congress expresses patient safety concerns of VA EHR implementation
DSE Intelligence ~ Hannah Nelson ~ 11/03/2021

Only 16 percent of employees at VA’s EHR implementation pilot site are confident in using the system, highlighting patient safety concerns.

NHS saves over 2 million hours with Microsoft Teams
Digital Health News ~ Andrea Downey ~ 02/11/2021

In the first six months, the communications platform was used across health services as it replaced 14.5 million phone calls and hosted over 32 million virtual meetings.

New standard launched to improve drug information sharing
Digital Health News ~ Andrea Downey ~ 11/03/2021

The tool standardizes the content of medication messages to enable the transfer of prescription information between health and care facilities in England.

How can healthcare safely use telehealth without a uniform standard?
SC Magazine ~ Jessica Davis ~ 10/28/2021

The lack of a standard leaves security to application developers and API implementers, with mixed results.

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