Toyota Reduces Transport Emissions in Europe with Support from Gefco | News

Gefco is working with rail freight provider Novatrans on the new service. In collaboration with its partner Greenmodal, Novatrans provides freight shipments in Europe combining road, rail and waterway.

Parts from Toyota’s suppliers in Spain are shipped from Gefco’s logistics facility in Barcelona to the Valenciennes automotive plant managed by Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF). The containers are then sent back to Barcelona with reusable packaging for use on future trips, Gefco said.

While reducing packaging waste, the service promises to significantly reduce carbon emissions compared to road transport alone. This aligns with Toyota’s overall goals of reducing emissions from its logistics business while making its vehicles cleaner to drive.

At the recent Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Europe conference in Germany, Leon van der Merwe highlighted the importance Toyota places on making automotive industry operations more sustainable.

“If we, as an industry and as nations, don’t limit our CO2 below that 1.5% impact, in fact, all the activities we do [in the face of recent supply chain challenges] are in vain,” he said.

Watch Leon van der Merwe’s presentation and discussion at ALSC Europe 2022

Under van der Merwe’s leadership in Europe, the automaker is implementing a logistics sustainability program, including more strategic use of transport modes, greater focus on rail and multimodal, reduction in kilometers traveled by trucks and adopting sustainable fuels for last mile truck deliveries. .

Speaking about the latest multimodal service between Spain and France, Yvon Pasquiou, commercial and marketing director of Gefco France, said that TME teams worked closely with his company to design a transport flow that would reduce the production of carbon.

“We are delighted to be able to take on the challenge of helping Toyota in Europe adopt more sustainable logistics practices and strengthen our partnership in the process,” Pasquiou said.

Gefco has been providing services to TME for 20 years, helping to move parts in France and the UK, as well as other European locations.

Gefco was recently acquired by container company CMA CGM for an undisclosed sum.